LIU Baixin

Academic Posts

Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering
Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Fellow, American Physical Society
Member, Bohmische Physical Society (Particle-Solid Interactions)
Member, Advisory Editorial Board, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B

Research Interests

Ion-Solid Interactions and Ion Beam Modification of Materials
Computational Materials Science
Thin Films & Nuclear Materials

Professional Experiences

1987-now, Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing
1985, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing
1961-1984, Teaching Assistant and Lecturer, Tsinghua University, Beijing
1981-1982, Visiting Associate, California Institute of Technology, USA


1955-1961, Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Awards & Honors

1999, 3rd Class National Natural Science Prize
1993, 2nd Class National Natural Science Prize
1993, Ye-Qi-Sun (Condensed Matter Physics) Award, by Chinese Physical Society

Selected Publications

Published over 500 papers in those international referred journals, including 6 invited review articles:
1. J. H. Li, Y. Dai, Y. Y. Cui and B. X. Liu, Atomistic Theory for Predicting the Binary Metallic Glass Formation (Review Article), Materials Science and Engineering: Reports 72, p. 1-28 (2011).
2. Y. Y. Cui, Y. Dai, J. H. Li and B. X. Liu, Interatomic Potential to Calculate the Driving Force and Optimized Compositions for the Cu-Hf-Al Metallic Glasses, Applied Physics Letters 99, Art No. 11911 (2011).
3. J. H. Li, X. D. Dai, S. H. Liang, K. P. Tai, Y. Kong and B. X. Liu, Interatomic Potentials of the Binary Transition Metal Systems and some Applications in Materials Physics (Review Article), Physics Reports 455, Nos. 1-3, p.1-134 (2008).
4. B. X. Liu, W.S. Lai and Z.J. Zhang, Solid-State Crystal-To-Amorphous Transition in Metal-Metal Multilayers and its Thermodynamic and Atomistic Modeling, (Review Article) Advances in Physics 50, p.367-429 (2001).
5. B. X. Liu, W.S. Lai and Q. Zhang, Irradiation Induced Amorphization in Metallic Multilayers and Calculation of Glass-Forming Ability from Atomistic Potential in the Binary Metal Systems, (Review Article), Materials Science and Engineering: Reports 29, p. 1-48 (2000).
6. D. H. Zhu, K. Tao, F. Pan and B. X. Liu, C54-TiSi2 Formed by Direct High-Current Ti-Ion Implantation, Applied Physics Letters 62(19), p.2356-2358 (1993).
7. B. X. Liu, S. L. Lai and J. G. Sun, Effects of Alloying and Treatment on Void Swelling of 316 Stainless Steels , J. Materials Research 6(8), p. 1650-1654 (1991).
8. B. X. Liu, X. Zhou and H-D. Li, Thermodynamics and Growth Kinetical Consideration of Metal-Nitride Formation by Nitrogen Implantation (Review Article), Physica Status Solidi (a) 113 (1), p. 11-22 (1989).
9. B. X. Liu, L. J. Huang, K. Tao, C. H. Shang and H-D. Li, Observations of Fractal Patterns Induced in Thin Solid Films by Ion Irradiation, Physical Review Letters 59(7), p. 745-747 (1987).
10. B. X. Liu, W. L. Johnson, M-A. Nicolet and S. S. Lau, Structural Difference Rule for Amorphous Alloy Formation by Ion Mixing, Applied Physics Letters 42 (1), p.45-47 (1983).


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