Chen Nanxian

Chen Nanxian was born in Shanghai in 1937, his family was from Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Graduated from Physics Dept. at Peking University, in 1962. Then working for Beijing Institute of Iron and Steel Technology for a long period. 1984 PhD of Electrical Engineering from University of Pennsylvania. 1986 become Professor in University of Science and Technology Beijing. He was first to propose some systematic methods for solving some important Inverse Problems related to fermion system, boson system, lattice system and interface system. 《Nature》 published a whole page to review his work on inverse problems. He was encouraged by 1993 National Natural Science Award, 2007 He-Liang-He-Li Science & Technology Award. He was director of Research Center on Microstructure of Materials Modeling and Design, and selected as Member of Chinese Academy of Science in 1997.