100 Top Talents Program

To build Tsinghua into a comprehensive, open, research-oriented world-class university in the 21st century, a world-class teaching and research faculty is needed. Key disciplinary areas are given priority in making the relevant academic disciplines be ranked among the top programs in the world. To serve these strategic purposes, Tsinghua has decided to implement the "100 Top Talents Program". The program is designed to introduce the best middle-aged and young researchers from both home and abroad, who will be the leaders in the relevant academic fields.

The program will be carried out on the basis of "open recruitment, fair competition, admission of the best, and continuous evaluation". At the same time, the employed talents will be provided with the best working and living conditions, including the initiating funds, job subsidies and housing.


1. The assignment of the posts will be based on the doctorate programs of the schools and departments, and special considerations will be given to interdisciplinary subjects and new branches of study authorized by Tsinghua.

2. The responsibilities include the following:

  • To undertake and direct national-level research projects; to participate in international academic cooperation
  • To design and teach high-level core subjects
  • To organize and build a strong faculty
  • To keep with the cutting edge of academic research and raise the level of scholarship in relevant fields of research

3. Eligibility

The applicant is supposed to be no more than 45 years old. The applicant from mainland China is supposed to have worked as professors or in equivalent positions in universities or research institutes; the overseas applicant is supposed to be in a position equivalent to professorship at Tsinghua University. More requirements are as follows.

1. The applicant is supposed to have high academic achievements and be ranked highly among the best middle-aged and young researchers in China.

2. The applicant is supposed to have a creative thinking style and wide and extensive academic relations in the academic circle from both home and abroad. Also s/he is supposed to be familiar with the latest developments of the academic fields.

3. The applicant is supposed to be a person with moral quality, and a rigorous and matter-of-the-fact attitude in research work. A healthy, positive mentality and good team spirit are also needed.

Offers from Tsinghua:

1. Based on the characteristics of the academic disciplines and actual needs, the applicant, when employed, will be provided with up to 2 million yuan (RMB) of research funding as his starting fund.

2. Allowance for the job. In addition to the normal salaries, subsidies and bonuses, the applicant, when employed, will be offered the special allowance for "100 top talents" within the full term (3 years), which is equivalent to that of a full Tsinghua professor.

3. Housing: the applicant, when employed, is offered a three-bedroom apartment on the campus at a favorable rental price.

Application materials:

The applicant is supposed to submit the following application materials:

  • Job application, including the specific preference in the future research work, expected outcome and research budget.
  • CV, including a complete description of education and training from college years till now.
  • Recommendation letters from professors who are familiar with your research. At least two letters must be from professors outside Tsinghua University.
  • Diplomas and certificates of employment in photocopies.
  • Certificates for important social professions.

The applicant needs to submit all materials that can represent his academic achievements:

  • A catalogue of publications, with the title of the paper, the co-authors' names, the periodicals and conferences, in the case of a book, the author's name, the book's publisher, date of publication, the chapters written by the applicant.
  • Citations of the applicant's papers, such as, SCI, EI etc, which are widely recognized by the international academic community, the total number of papers and their call numbers of citations.
  • Main awards, including the award names, award levels, the award year, the applicant's position in the awardees' list, and the photocopies of award certificates.
  • Research projects undertaken by the applicant, including the name of the project, the significance of the research, the role played by the applicant, and funding of the project.
  • 5 to 10 representative publications, including papers and books, in photocopies.

Contact information:

Contact persons: Li Ming, Lin Xiuhua
Office of Human Resources Development Department of Personnel Tsinghua University Beijing 100084, China