The Chang Jiang Scholar Program

Tsinghua University, located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing, has long been an important cradle for high-level talents and a base for science and technology research. Established in 1911, it has cultivated about 170,000 students, many of whom have played indispensable roles in their trades. Now Tsinghua is a comprehensive, research-oriented university of 19 schools, 55 departments, covering science, engineering, liberal arts, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, education and medical research.

Since The Chang Jiang Scholar Program was established, a host of scholars from both home and abroad have come to work and study at Tsinghua University, and many of them have been academic leaders. There have been 126 distinguished professors and 55 visiting professors recommended for this special honor. With an aim to be ranked among world-class universities, Tsinghua is trying to build a strong teaching and research faculty. The positions of distinguished professor and visiting professor for Chang Jiang Scholars are open now to people the world over.

Eligibility for distinguished professors

1. For those working on natural sciences and Engineering Sciences, the applicant is supposed to be no more than 45 years old. For those working on humanities and social sciences, they are supposed to be no more than 55 years old.

2. A doctorate degree is generally required. The applicant should be actively engaged in teaching and research work. For those overseas applicants, they at least need to have associate professorship (or equivalent positions) at distinguished universities in the world. Applicants from mainland China must be professors (or equivalent positions).

3. The applicant is supposed to be capable of teaching core courses in his field and is supposed to have academic achievements well recognized in the academic circle the world over. In addition, the applicant is also supposed to have potentials for academic development with creatively strategic thinking, capable of leading his research team on the cutting edge in the field and supposed to have a strong wish for coordination, solidarity and dedication in the academic and managerial activities.

4. Abide by the faculty ethics and work hard.

5. The position for the distinguished professor is full-time. After the signing of employment contract, the applicant should be work full-time within one year.

Eligibility for visiting professors

1. The applicant must be actively engaged in teaching and researching at a distinguished foreign university. S/he is supposed to have full professorship (or equivalent position).

2. The applicant is supposed to have academic achievements well recognized in the field the world over.

3. The applicant should be honestly, dedicated and rigorous scholarship.

4. The applicant needs to work no less than two months each year at Tsinghua University.

Our offers:

1. Based on the specific disciplines and other actual needs, the distinguished professor is offered up to 2 million Yuan (RMB) as research fund.

2. Research assistants and graduate students are available.

3. Facilities for the relevant research work are provided.

4. In addition to the pay package at Tsinghua University, the distinguished professor can have the allowance of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, as also, which amounts to 200,000Yuan (RMB) a year. The allowance for visiting professor is 30,000 Yuan a month, based on the actual number of months of employment at Tsinghua University.

5. The distinguished professor is entitled to a three-bedroom apartment on the campus to rent. The visiting professor is supposed to be provided with an apartment in Foreign Experts Building on a short-term basis.


1. An application form should be filled out firstly by the applicant according to the Recommendation Forms for Chang Jiang Scholars Program. The application software of personal edition can be found at

2. Application Materials attached (bound in a volume) include the following:

  • A catalogue with page numbers is necessary.
  • Photocopies of certificates of all awards, patents and research programs.
  • Five papers of innovation and significance in full text, with the front covers and catalogues of the periodicals, together with the front covers and catalogues of other representative monographs and the first page of papers mentioned in the recommendation form, all in photocopies.
  • Certificates of all papers and publications cited in SCI,EI,SSCI,CSSCI and other citations listed by the recommendation form, in original form.
  • All certificates of incumbency both home and abroad.
  • All certificates of incumbency at international academic conferences, invitations / notifications of invited lectures, in photocopies.
  • If the application materials cited positive evaluation of experts in the field, the additional relevant evidence is required in the attachment.

Contact information:

Contact persons: Lin Xiuhua, Li Ming
Tel: 86-10-62789016
Fax: 86-10-62770353
Office of Human Resources Development Department of Personnel Tsinghua University Beijing 100084, China