1000 Talents Program

In December, 2008, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party made a decision to have high-level talents from overseas come to work in China. They proposed the "1000-talent Plan". Tsinghua University has benefited from the Plan, with introduction of top scientists, promotion of academic research and education.

Eligibility for the "1000-talents Plan"

This plan mainly aims at recruiting two types of people, one type for the long-term research and the other for short-term. For those applying for the long-term positions, they should be under 55, and with world-class research capabilities. Within the past five years, they should have published important academic articles in core journals in the international academic circles, or have been awarded with distinguished technology awards, or be in good mastery of important experiment skills and key technology. The applicants for long-term positions should either have worked as professors or in equivalent positions in famous international universities or research institutes, or have served in managerial positions as professional and technical personnel in internationally famous companies. They should be in possession of independent intellectual property rights or key technologies, and have independent overseas business experience. They should be familiar with the international industrial rules in relevant circles. Preferably they should be creative talents or business personnel that are most urgently needed in China.

Professional talented people are welcome in humanities and social science, mainly in Intellectual Property Law, Environment and Resources Protection Law, International Economic Law, International Relations, Diplomacy, Psychology. Applicants should be no more than 60 years old.

Short-term recruitment for creative talents is an important supplement in the "1000-talents Plan". The applicants should be leading research talents badly needed in China's science and technology, industrial development or disciplinary construction, in accordance with the "Provisional measures in attracting high-level overseas talents". They should have a fixed position in relevant universities, research institutes or companies in mainland China, with research targets and capabilities to make substantial contributions. They should be under contracts with their employers and are prepared to work for at least three years in succession.

There is a special program under the "1000-talents Plan" for young researchers. They should be under 40 and have obtained a doctorate degree in world-famous universities, and have no less than three years of overseas working experience, and no less than five years of overseas working experience for those obtained a doctorate degree from universities in China. The applicants for this program should have worked in official positions in famous international universities or research institutes, or in official positions in world-famous enterprises. On entering this program, they should be full-time researcher in China. The applicants should be the top-notch talents in their research fields, and have the potential to become future leaders in relevant areas. Special admissions are granted to those who have made distinguished research achievements in their doctorate studies or in other areas.

For more detailed information of the "1000-talents Plan", please visit the Website: visit: http://www.1000plan.org

Tsinghua University will accordingly provide research funds, equipment, daily expenses and fees for international academic exchanges. Tsinghua will also provide support in terms of salaries, housing, offices, laboratories, research assistants and graduate students.

Application requirement

Applicants can visit the Website: http://www.1000plan.org to download the latest versions of application forms, instructions and summary tables.

Contact information:

Contact Person: Qiu Feng, Office of Human Resources Development, Tsinghua University
Address: Room 313, He’er Building, 1 Qinghuayuan, Haidian District, Beijing, 100084
Tel: 0086-10-62789106