PhD Camp

Imperial-Tsinghua Global Fellows Programme 2016 - Climate Change and Energy

This summer school is designed to prepare students to succeed in intercultural and collaborative research. The course brings together students from mulit-disciplinary backgrounds and consists of a series of engaging workshops and insightful Climate Change and Energy discussions. The topics covered include:

  Working creatively and effectively in teams

  Improving communication in diverse groups

  Developing intercultural and international awareness

  Succeeding in collaborative research projects

  Developing awareness of Global Climate Change and Energy research


This Summer School will seek out the opportunities that arise from the challenges of environmental change highlighting common challenges and opportunities in reaching a low-carbon future.

The impacts of climate change on economies and societies are sufficiently serious to warrant ambitious, coordinated action. In December 2015, this was reinforced by the mulit-lateral agreement made in Paris at COP21.

Across the globe communities today find themselves and the environments they live in under increasing pressure. This is driven by growing population, urban expansion and improving living standards that place increasing stress on natural resources. Added to this is the rising threat from environmental hazards and climate change.

Effective energy systems and clean tech innovation will play a central role in addressing these challenges. This is especially relevant given the vast investment that is being channeled into low-carbon technologies through efforts such as Mission Innovation and Breakthrough Energy Coalition.

The Global Climate Change and Energy Fellows Programme will bring together students from Tsinghua University and Imperial College London who share an interest in Climate Change and Energy to develop the professional, research and collaborative skills that are needed to find workable solutions to this global challenge.

Students from all disciplines are invited to come together for 4 days of professional skills training and collaboration activities under the academic theme of Climate Change and Energy. It is NOT a requirement for students to have an in-depth background in the areas of climate change and energy, but students MUST be interested in engaging with climate change and energy issues.

Dates: July 4th -10th (1 week) 2016.

Location: Nirvana Resort, Beijing, China

Participations: 40 PhD students from both Tsinghua University and Imperial College London

Admission Requirement:

1. PhD candidates at Tsinghua University and Imperial College London.

2. Fluent in English, both written and verbally.

3. Has a strong desire to improve academic and professional development ability.


Fill in "Tsinghua - Imperial College academic and career development of doctoral student summer program application form”, including the questions in the continued tables. Mentors and school educational administration department should be signed on the form.

Expenses and Fees:

No Charge for the program.


Fangming Han,Graduate School office,62795078,

Jizhen Li, School of Economics and management,62772539,