Summer Teaching

Service and Learning Program in rural China

About the Program:

The Summer Service and Learning Program in Rural China (SSLP) was established by Tsinghua University in 2006. From 2006 to 2015 a total of 1,865 students and 309 faculty members from Tsinghua University and 857 international students and faculty members have been assigned to rural counties as part of of the program.

Every summer, Tsinghua University recruit 180 Tsinghua volunteers and 120 international volunteers who show a sincere commitment to voluntary work. Volunteers are to be dispatched in 20 teams and perform their service in 20 counties throughout various locations in rural China. Each team will consist of one Tsinghua teacher, five Tsinghua students and four non-Tsinghua volunteers. Volunteers can provide diversified services to the local students in those rural counties, including English teaching, culture lectures and intercultural communication exercises. Volunteers will convey a message of support and hope to locals.At the same time, “cultural immersion” will allow volunteers to actually participate in the daily life of a new culture throughout the whole program. New cultures and traditions await as the volunteers fill their days with new discoveries and rich experiences.

2016 Summer Service and Learning Program in Rural China

From July 7th to July 26th, 2016. Volunteers are required to arrive in Beijing on or before July 7th. Volunteers are required to bear the cost of transport to and from Beijing and a non-refundable payment of US$590 program registration fee. Tsinghua University will provide accommodation, a subsidy for food, in program transportation and basic accidental insurance during the program.