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2016 Tsinghua International Summer School – Environment

Duration: August 8-26, 2016

About the Program: Since its inaugural programme in 2013, the international summer school has welcomed many students from all around the world. The aim of the international summer school is to give students the opportunity to gain an understanding of China’s current environmental situation and Chinese culture. In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, severe environmental deterioration and an energy crisis have arisen. It is more necessary now than ever to use our creativity and innovation to address the conflict between economic development and environmental conservation. With this in mind, the 2016 international summer school will involve seminars on environmentally pressing issues hosted by renowned experts from world-acclaimed universities and international firms. There will also be an opportunity to visit leading environmental facilities and enterprises, as well experience the ancient history and natural beauty of China.

Three major topics will be carried out:

1. Environment: Taking lectures from renowned experts and visiting world-known enterprises and municipal facilities to learn the state of the art and practice in environmental engineering

2. Culture: Visiting cultural and environmentally significant landmarks

3. Innovation Challenge: Creative environmental projects are to be proposed by participants.

Important Dates:

1. Application /CV submission deadline: April 10th 2016

2. Qualified applicants will be contacted for followed-up by : April 20th, 2016


1. Please send your CV to

Schedule/ Curriculum Setting

(To be filled)

Expenses and Fees:

1. Tuition fees would normally be CNY 18,000. Other related learning costs will also be covered by Tsinghua University.

2. Round-trip international airfare tickets, travel insurance and other personal expenditures, including accommodation and meals, are at the participant’s own expense.


Ms. Qian Zhao

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