Experiencing China

Experiencing China Summer Program 2016

This two-week summer program offers a star team of multidisciplinary tutors who will facilitate team projects, site visits to spaces of contemporary or historical significance and round-table discussions. The program will culminate in a forum to be designed and facilitated by students themselves. The forum will exhibit their discoveries and insights in China, and promote their collaborative problem-solving proposals developed during the program.


Creative Solutions for Creative Cities

There are six key areas we will focus on. We encourage each participant to choose one area as his/her fieldwork project. Each area will be led by an academic tutor for in-depth exploration.

Does China have an innovative economy ? How can technology entrepreneurships thrive as China rebalances its economy? Let us explore the frontiers of Chinese technological industries in Beijing and examine how both established companies and startups are responding to this new economic landscape.

Environmental challenge is one of the most critical issues in achieving sustainable growth for China and the world. Let us explore the current environmental situation in China and examine how both local and global efforts are addressing common challenges.

Today over half of China’s population live in cities . Beijing currently has a population of twenty-two million permanent residents and eight million non-permanent residents. Is Beijing capable of increasing population density while enhancing its livability, sustainability and productivity? Let us explore possibilities for smart and sustainable solutions for Beijing.

Educational equity is an abiding issue in education . As cities expand and change rapidly, an unbalanced distribution of educational resources is posing serious challenges to both the level of access and quality of education. Let us explore and evaluate the latest efforts to include all children in quality education in Beijing and China.

What are women experiencing in contemporary China? What are the realities that exist for Chinese women in relation to: ethical and aesthetic value; lifestyle; living and cultural spaces, and; imaging in mass culture? What are the conditions and policies concerning gender equity? How will the removal of the one-child policy affect the role of women? Let us explore some of the lives of those who “uphold half the sky” and decode China from a gendered perspective.

As a true microcosm of China and cosmopolitan city of the world, Beijing is at the meeting point between ancient and modern/post-modern, east and west. Let us understand what is being done to preserve China's cultural heritage, traditional and modern architecture; explore the role of innovation in this process, and; identify the cultural forces that are forging the future of Beijing.

How can we unlock the potential of creative cities from multiple perspectives? With the support of design thinking toolkits, service innovation methods and transformative technologies, let us investigate Beijing through field research, propose innovative solutions to China’s challenges, and produce prototypes for a creative city.


Tsinghua University is offering scholarship spots and fee-paying spots for its 2016 summer program.

The scholarship covers the following

  Registration fee

  Tuition fee

  Housing (on-campus accommodation for international students for two-week period, mainly en-suite single rooms)

  Basic accident insurance for two-week period in Beijing

Fee-paying students are required to cover registration and tuition fees:

RMB ¥12,000 (US $1,950) per person.

Fee-paying students will be waived of fees for on-campus accommodation and basic accident insurance for the two-week period.

Scholarship students and fee-paying students are required to cover their own airfare costs, and adequate medical insurance for their stay in China as required by both Tsinghua University and Chinese visa application.


We invite Tsinghua’s partner universities to recommend undergraduate students to participate in this summer program. For application, please complete the application form and email it to: experiencing-china@tsinghua.edu.cn

We will send you a confirmation email within ten working days upon receipt of your application. Application deadline: 2016/06/15.

For more information about Tsinghua University, please visit our website: http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn

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