Instructions for Online Application System

The international students who are applying for Non-Degree Programs of Tsinghua University should apply online. The Online Application System is at

1. Account Registration and Activation

International students who are applying for admissions need to register in the Online Application System.

(1) Registration

On the homepage of the Online Application System, the applicant needs to register an account with a permanent email address and set up a password.

Notice: This email address will be used as the main contact of the applicant. The application information, student notification and even alumni connection will be sent to this email address. Therefore, permanent personal email address is strongly recommended for the registration here.

(2) Activation

The registered account is eligible for program application only if it is activated. Upon registration, an activation code will be sent to your email address as the Username. The applicant may click the link in the address or input the activation code to the system when logging in to activate the account.

Notice: All the system notification, including the activation code, is sent by the email address If you fail to receive the activation code, please check if it is filtered by the anti-spam system of your email service provider. Please contact your email service provider to put to the white list of your email receipts.

(3) Resetting Password

Once the password is lost, the registered account user may click the link "Reset Password". An email including the link for resetting will be sent to the email address as the Username. The user may set a new password following the link.

2. Selection of Applicable Program

When the applicant clicks to select the proper program, an online application form will be created and ready for filling up.

Master's and Doctoral Programs

Since there are many different Master's and doctoral programs, the application schedules might be quite different. In the online application form, only the still open programs or subjects are available.

Before starting to apply, the applicant should check if the program or subject he/she would like to apply for is still open for application.

Undergraduate Programs

Entrance examination is required for international undergraduate admission. There might be several examinations held in different locations, at different time and for different students. Therefore, the applicants have to pay attention and check if it is the right time and place to apply.

Visiting/Exchange Programs

The student exchange program is applicable only to the students officially sent by the international partner universities of Tsinghua University under the student exchange Agreements or MOUs. These students need to select the "Exchange Students on University-Level Agreements/MOUs" section, and attach the approval or recommendation letter from their home universities. So, the students applying for student exchange program have to confirm with their home universities in advance.

The visiting students who are invited by the professors of Tsinghua University for cooperative study or research need to select the "Visiting Students for Research Cooperation or Exchange" section and provide the name or the telephone number of the host professor. The host professor need to contact us to register his/her name and telephone number, so that the invited student may use the telephone number for access to the application of this program. The invitation will be confirmed with the host professor, therefore those who have not been invited will not be granted the admission.

The visiting students who are invited by specific programs organized by the schools or departments of Tsinghua Univeristy should select the program in the "Special Program" section. Only the applicants who are confirmed by the program organizers will be admitted.

Chinese Language Program

It’s a non-degree program. If you choose to learn Chinese in Tsinghua university as self supported student of Confucius Scholarship recipient, please choose this Chinese Language Program. This Program offers Chinese language courses of eight levels covering beginners and advanced learners.

3. Application Form Filling Up

Once the program is selected, an application form is created for the applicant to fill up.

In most fields of the form, there will be a tip to explain the meaning of the field. Please follow the instructions to make sure the contents you input meet the requirement.

The form can be saved as draft, or be submitted.

The saved draft is still editable and submittable, allowing for the applicants to prepare adequate information.

Upon submission, the system will automatically validate the form. If the contents do not meet the requirement literally, it will fail to submit and error messages are displayed to help the applicant correct the information in the form. If the form is submitted, the application reviewer will be able to review, and the applicant is not able to edit any more, unless it is discarded.

4. Viewing Applications

All the current applications created by the applicant will be displayed on the page of "My Applications", which will open after each logging in. Of each application, the status items display on the left, including the application number, application status, review comment, uploaded documents, admission result, and online payment status, etc. The operations available are listed on the right.

The applications made in previous semesters and not admitted will not be displayed.

5. Online Document Submission

Some programs accept online document submission. The "Upload Documents" button will appear on the right of the application status.

On the "Upload Application Documents" page, the applicant may upload the documents required by the program. The applicant may upload up to 15 files for each application; the size of each file cannot exceed 3 Megabytes. The online uploaded documents will be reviewed by the program coordinators.

Many of the documents required to upload are scan copies of files, such as degree certificate, transcript, and recommendation letter, etc. For these kinds of documents, the scan copies must be captured by professional scanner or Xerox machine, with a resolution of over 300 ppi. The documents pictured by camera or mobile phone are not qualified.

6. Application Review Process

After the submission, the program staff will review the application. The application status indicates the step in which the process is.

Draft:the application form has not been submitted for review.

Submitted: the applicatino form has been submitted, but the program coordinators have not reviewed it.

Unqualified: the application form has been reviewed, but it fails because some of the items are not correctly provided. Usually, there will be a review comment indicating the item which needs further amendment.

Qualified: the application form has been reviewed, and it is qualified to enter the admission process. In this step, with the qualified identification photo if required, the applicant may download the application form in PDF format and print it as the official application form on paper, which is required for admission with the applicant's signature.

Notice: This status (qualified) does NOT mean that the applicant is admitted. It means that the basic information is adequate to make an application form. The application form and other supporting documents will be used in further examination for admission.

Completed: most programs request the applicant to send paper documents when the application is qualified. In this case, the application will be marked as completed when the paper documents are received and confirmed. Please see the instructions for specific program in details.

7. Online Payment

Pay online using credit card.

In the application process, when it is time to pay application fee, there will be a "Payment" button on the status of the application, which leads to the online payment service.The online payment system is supported by the payment platform of PayEase, the third party payment company ( The credit cards of China Unionpay, Visa, and Mastercard are accepted.

If the applicant has any payment problem, please contact PayEase (

The application fee will not be returned, no matter whether the application is canceled or not, and whether the applicant is admitted or not. If the online payment fails, the application process will be suspended.

8. Admission

The online application is only a part of the application process.For different programs, there might be entrance examinations, interviews or other kinds of test, to determine if an applicant is qualified for admission or not.

The final decision of admission is made by the authority, and the admission result will be displayed on the Online Application System.