International Students

Tsinghua University was one of the first Chinese universities with international students enrollment. Back in 1950, 14 students from Eastern Europe were admitted into Tsinghua. As of today, more than 30,000 international students have studied at this historical Imperial Garden, and have been making distinctive contributions to societies and industries worldwide.

In recent years, Tsinghua’s international students’ community has grown rapidly. Roughly 3,500 international students from over 110 countries studied on campus, among whom 78% were enrolled in degree programs, 22% studied in various visiting programs. Furthermore, Tsinghua has brought in distinguished professors from around the world including the Noble prize winner and Turing Award winner, Chinese Science Academy members, and Chinese Engineering Academy members. All of them take active roles in teaching and mentoring students at all levels.

Tsinghua University offers a wide range of programs and courses for world talents. International students have choices from 39 undergraduate programs, more than 100 master programs and over 80 Ph.D programs. For students unable to take courses in Chinese, Tsinghua offers 15 master programs and 4 Ph.D programs delivered in English. More than 400 courses taught in English are available to all students.

Tsinghua welcomes students’ diversity and promotes intercultural dialogue. With more than 200 students associations and organizations, the campus provides a vibrant community and thriving environment for the students. The Asian Youth Exchange Center was established in 2014 to host domestic and international students alike. It fosters a blend-in environment for those seeking to be immersed in learning and culture exchange. To better serve international students and scholars, Tsinghua set up the International Students & Scholars Center to extend comprehensive and professional support to the international community on campus.

The Chinese civilization is so rare that it has preserved a continuous history of five thousand years. In this society full of multitudes and complexity, Tsinghua University presents a China perspective with both modern and ancient wisdom. Tsinghua is confident in providing education of extraordinary standard, and is committed to cultivating the world’s best and brightest students who are willing to make a difference worldwide.