Undergraduate Education

Following the mission of educating and developing promising students to their fullest extent and preparing those to best serve the nation and the world, undergraduate education in Tsinghua University has already had more than 120,000 graduates from its undergraduate programs since the university’s opening in 1911.

The university offers 78 undergraduate programs, including but not limited to Science, Engineering, Business, Humanities, Law and Medicine. As a comprehensive researching university, Tsinghua sets the standards for engineering education, excels in the liberal arts and science programs, and leads the nation in interdisciplinary education.

Tsinghua’s undergraduate education is nothing less than exceptional. The undergraduate programs of Tsinghua University supports its graduates to be well-rounded citizens and committed leaders in diversity and global citizenship who are passionate about improving the world around them with strong interdisciplinary knowledge, outstanding competencies and high moral standard.

Tsinghua designs and develops distinctive undergraduate programs which encourage students to enquire and affirm undergraduate research opportunities, along with the concept that merging three educational dimensions—attributes, skills, and knowledge—into undergraduate education through educational practices.

Continuing Tsinghua’s long tradition of “Self-Discipline and Social Commitment” through continually improving educational practices, Tsinghua’ graduates absorb the school’s spirits and are educated as critical thinkers and creative talents with solid knowledge, horizontal vision, and a pervasive commitment to social welfare.