Degree Programs

Tsinghua University offers Bachelor degrees with duration of 4 years, except for Architecture which is 5 years, and Clinical Medicine which is 8 years. All of the undergraduate programs are listed as follows.

Undergraduate Programs (2016~2017)

No. Program School(Department)
1 Architecture School of Architecture
2Urban Planning
3Building Environment and Energy Engineering
4 Civil Engineering School of Civil Engineering
5Construction Management
6Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering
7Hydroscience and Engineering
8 Environmental Engineering School of Environment
9Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering
10 Mechanical Engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
11Measurement, Control Technology and Instruments
12Micro-electro-mechanical Systems Engineering
13Vehicle Engineering
14Industrial Engineering
15 Energy and Power Engineering
Energy and Power Engineering School of Aerospace
16 Engineering Mechanics
17Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
18 Electrical Engineering and Automation Department of Electrical Engineering
19 Electronic Information Science and Technology School of Information Science and Technology
20Electronic Information Engineering
21Electronic Science and Technology
22Microelectronics Science and Engineering
23Software Engineering
25 Computer Science and Technology
Computer Science and Technology Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Science
26 Engineering Physics Department of Engineering Physics
27Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology
28 Chemical Engineering and Industrial Biological Engineering Department of Chemical Engineering
29Polymer Materials and Engineering
30 Materials Science and Engineering School of Materials Science and Engineering
31 Mathematics and Physics School of Science
32Pure and Applied Mathematics
33Information and Computing Science
35Applied Physics
37Chemical Biology
38 Biological Sciences School of Life Sciences
40 General Administration School of Public Policy and Management
41 Business Administration School of Economics and Management
42Information Management and Information Systems
45Economics and Finance
46 Economics
Economics School of Social Sciences
47 Sociology
48International Politics
50School of Public Policy and Management
51 Philosophy School of Humanities
53Chinese Language and Literature
54English Language
55Japanese Language
56 Law School of Law
57 Journalism School of Journalism and Communication
58 Advertising Academy of Arts and Design
59Theory and History of Arts
64Chinese Painting
65Theory of Arts & Design
66Visual Communication Design
67Environment Design
68Product Design
69Fashion Design
70Public Art
71Craft Art
72Digital Media Art
73Art and Technology
74Ceramic Design
75Industrial Design
76 Clinical Medicine School of Medicine/Peking Union Medical College,Tsinghua University
77 Biomedical Engineering School of Medicine
78Pharmaceutical Sciences