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  • The Elegant Charm of Poetry in Campus

      Poetry has been a part of China for thousands of years. No matter if it’s a form of pre-Tang poetry or a new form of poetry, Chinese people love to chant the poems that are abundant with beauty of words and rhymes. When moonlight kindles the lotus pond at Tsinghua campus, a poetic illusion wells up in our hearts. A centenary ago, master Wang Guowei interpretedComments on Poetryat the Tsinghua College, nowadays, young students still love reading and reciting the poems at the romantic pavilion or around the antique clock; Poetry is a necessity fo......

  • 104th Anniversary remarks of the President

  • Tsinghua President Qiu Yong Meets with New International Stu...

  • TusPark: 20 years of Innovation

  • “Let’s Run, Dear DCST!”

      Health remains the eternal subject of human beings and no doubt, health is wealth. Running is the best-known form of aerobic exercise and as long as you have a pair of comfortable shoes, you can start your own healthy journey. Running is not only simply a form of sports but also a representative of a life attitude.In order to raise health awareness amongst alumni and to create a positive fitness environment, on the first day of April 2015, the Department of Computer Science and Technology (DCST)......

  • China Theory Week 2015 Held

  • Gao Mengyang: The sunshine boy who chases for the Train

      “Clicked!” Along with the train passing over the flyover in Taiyuan, Shanxi, Mr. Gao Mengyang quickly pressed the shutter when cold winds were flowing and took a photo of this invisible green train, which he named, “Old SS1”. In today’s world, this type of train has nearly been “extinct” in the Chinese railway. While in his camera, there are many more images portraying special moments like this, for a fan of the train, Mr. Gao thinks that taking a photo of it ......

  • Tsinghua Welcomes New Students; Opening Ceremony Held

  • “The Mother of Art forms” entered Tsinghua