Raindrops Bring Life to Tsinghua

As a Chinese saying goes, spring rain is as precious as fine oil. We have entered into the second solar term of the year – rain water, but there is still no effective precipitation in Beijing, which made us eager for the rain.

Before and after the rain water solar term and with spring approaching, it is a time where all creation comes back to life. In the Chinese classical text Lost Book of Zhou, described this season as when the geese return, and when vegetation sprouts. In an ancient text on the seventy-two phenological terms from the Song period explains that spring is of the wood element (one of the five elements in Chinese astrology), and as spring begins, there will be rain.

In ancient times, the rain water solar term was usually divided into three parts: when the otters offer fish, when wild goose returns and when plants sprout. This saying means that in this rainy season, the otters begin to fish and set the fish on the shore as the first sacrifice. After five days, the wild goose began to fly back to the north from the south. In another five days, in the spring rain of where the soften droplets silently moistens plants, vegetation begin to sprout. The earth henceforth gradually becomes a thriving scene.

It is said that timely rain knows its season and it brings life to all creation. The Tsinghua campus has quite a different scene after rain. It appears as if she is clothed with a robe of the rainbow colors, presenting the green and sun ray after the fog of rain.

When the Tsinghua campus encounters rain, raindrops fall on the green grass in front of the Auditorium, the Old School Gate gets a new look after a wash from the rain, spaces in front of Tsinghua Xuetang’s door eaves are cleaned. Sitting in the classroom listening to the rain, it’s as if a person is transported back to the old Tsinghua campus decades ago, feeling the calmness of the elder Tsinghua alumni living amidst their war-torn country.

A new season is quietly beginning. Although many have said that the spring season is not a time to study because of the beauty of the season, but the campus after a rain storm seem the perfect inspiration of the body and mind. Let the fragrance of the flowers motivate students to continue in their pursuit of knowledge.

Oh, young ones, why not awaken the vitality that had been put to sleep all winter. Chase your ideals, call upon your friends and cherish the springtime.



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