Tsinghua’s Annual Student Personalities: Numerous Possibilities to Realize Your Dream in Tsinghua

On the last day of 2017, “2017 Tsinghua’s Annual Student Personalities” were announced at Tsinghua’s New Year Gala. Some of them are individuals, while some are in groups. Some are devoted to scientific research and some pursue art. Some consistently strive for self-improvement while some aim at breakthroughs. Some travel around the country to send their love and some go abroad to tell the story of China. They represent and epitomize the Tsinghua students. 

A Tsinghua student could be a scientist, an artist or a sportsman. Wan Ruixue has published 6 papers in Science and 2 in Cell as the first author during her PhD years. She was selected as part of the plan to cultivate “future female scientists”. Hu Yaowen is the first student in the history of Tsinghua’s Department of Physics to have gained full marks in all four major subjects. Although he is only in his fourth year, he has already published 9 SCI journal articles. Yu Wanying from Tsinghua’s Academy of Arts and Design painted landmarks of the Tsinghua campus with an ink pen. The “godness” Yiman from School of Architecture has expressed her passion on stage and performed over 120 times during her three years at Tsinghua. Wang Zicheng started to learn fencing from scratch when he started his PhD. Four years later, he won the National College Students Fencing Championship. With their own experiences, they show how Tsinghua offers numerous possibilities to realize the students’ dream.

Tsinghua students stick to “Self-Discipline and Social Commitment.” Zhu Xiaopeng encountered a major life change during his time at Tsinghua. He has to endure physical pain while continues to promote barrier-free facilities on the campus. Cao Zhen, a hearing disability girl using her own artistic talents in adding color to schools, was nominated this year for her work in the KIDStudio. They are not alone - there are countless other student associations devoted to promoting volunteering and public welfare projects. In 2017, Tsinghua’s Red Cross Society with already 30 years of history has built the nation’s first mobile classroom for global health. They also worked with 13 universities in Beijing to introduce anonymous HIV testing services into campuses. Tsinghua’s PhD Students Lecturer Group which was founded in 2000 has innovated its communication forms since the 19th CPC National Congress, which covered more than 100 talks and 10,000 listeners. They are indeed a positive representative of “Actions speak louder than words.”

Tsinghua students stay alongside the motherland and embrace the world. Tsinghua students who joined the army in 2015 have all been rewarded, finished their services in September 2017 and went back on campus. This year’s nominee Tursun Aibai went back to the village in Southern Xinjiang to remain at the grassroots level and be as close to the public as possible. It is all about putting words into practice. Li Yadong, undergraduate students from the School of Journalism and Communication went to conduct interviews in Africa for magazine publications. Lu Weiyuan, from Tsinghua’s School of Environment, became the first Chinese student elected as the youth representative at the Asia-Europe Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. They tell the story of China and allow the world to be in touch with the viewpoints of Chinese youths.

Every year, the result of the Annual Student Personalities was announced at the end of Tsinghua’s New Year Gala. It is not just an award given to outstanding students in the previous year. Above all else, it is an encouragement and sign of hope for the coming year.



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