The 10 Most-read Tsinghua Spotlights Stories of 2017

In a blink of an eye, we will approach the dawn of a new year. Looking back at the past twelve months, we have witnessed many remarkable moments belonging to Tsinghua University. 

In 2017, Tsinghua Spotlights launched a total of 185 issues. They resemble 185 colorful windows, each window showcasing a good story in Tsinghua.

Here, we have listed the ten most-read stories in the month they were published in. Collectively, they were read more than 400,000 times (Chinese version). This is not because of how unique the stories were. On the contrary, most stories were about the people and things around us. They are the routine happenings on campus, and they are also the routine of Tsinghua Spotlights, a team that publishes a Tsinghua story every weekday on the Tsinghua website.

We pursued stories that tell of Tsinghua’s tradition and culture this year. Through biographical stories of Tsinghua students and faculty members in the past and present, readers experienced the sentiment of Tsinghua people’s character and spirit. 

From a brain-computer interface system that benefits the disabled, we learned of progress in the field of artificial intelligence. We also witnessed a breakthrough in China’s high-temperature cooled reactor technology, which was a significant milestone internationally and a source of pride for Tsinghua.

We also invited a graduate from the first cohort of Schwarzman Scholars to write his reflections on his year in Tsinghua, and featured a Tsinghua student’s intricate hand-drawn depictions of Tsinghua campus. Yu Wanying’s drawings brought to life the scenes so familiar to many Tsinghua alumni.

In April, we also witnessed the glory of Tsinghua University’s 106th anniversary: the establishment of the Asian University Alliance and the admission of “Tsinghua Bamboo Slips” into the Gusiness Book of Records. In September, we celebrated the dedication of eight faculty members who were awarded the Tsinghua New Century Teaching Achievement Award for their outstanding contributions.

The power of unity, innovation, openness, humanity, communication and exchange, good example, strong will and perseverance, are passed on to every one of us. May these stories inspire and strengthen us, and may we not feel lonely in our journeys or experience confusion. Rather, let us become a force that moves forward.

Look not to the past, fear not the future. When we meet the next time, the view beyond the window will be a clear blue sky and sunshine. Here we come, 2018!


Top ten most-read Tsinghua Spotlights stories (Chinese version)

January 13 Famous Quotations in Tsinghua History: Multi-Talented Yet a Specialist, Versatile Yet Master of One

March 30 China Takes the Lead in High-temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Technology

April 30 Tsinghua University: Happy 106th Birthday!

May 25 Yuanming Yuan: The Digital Rebirth of the Old Summer Palace

June 29 A Reflection on My Year at Schwarzman College

July 31 Yu Wanying: Here’s an Amazing Hand-painted Tsinghua Campus

September 28 Yu Xinjie: Sharing His Greatest Joy in Teaching

October 31 Speaking to the World Through Brain Signals: Tsinghua Biomedical Engineering Team Pioneers Brain-computer Interface Research in China

November 9 One day as a Tsinghua Undergraduate Student

December 11 Hu Yaowen, The Recipient of 2017 Tsinghua Top Talent Scholarship: The Grand Slam



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    Spotlight Group



    Alexis See Tho



    Zhao Cuncun, Song Chen,

    Ren Tianmei



    Lu Xiaobing, Cheng Xi, Zhang Geming, Zhang Li



    Cheng Xi



    Cheng Xi