Sign Language Association: Use Hands to Paint rainbows, transfer Love into Action

The auditorium lightened up, and the actors on the stage were silently performing complex gestures with their hands. This was a special program as part of the 2017 “Nano Age” Student’s Day of Department of Precision Instrument, Tsinghua University. Actors used sign language to play “a love song for Tsinghua Campus” – “Chengdu” Tsinghua edition. They all came from Tsinghua Sign Language Association.

Founded in March 2006 by students, Tsinghua Sign Language Association is a public welfare organization aiming to promote interaction between the deaf and the general public, it is self-managed under the guidance of the Youth League Committee. “Using hands to paint rainbows, transferring love into action” has always been the core concept of the association. They are committed to bridging the communication between the deaf and the hearing people through using and publicizing sign language, so as to achieve the integration of the two groups.

Sign language teaching is the most important daily activity of the sign language association. The association alternately hosts a language class and a song class every two weeks. The former class teaches daily-used signs to cultivate basic communication ability; core members in another class design and teache songs composited according to Chinese Sign Language, hoping ordinary people can feel the beauty of sign language through the songs . In addition, the association regularly holds cultural lectures on sign language, and organizes the deaf-hearing orienteering, sign language festival, the deaf movie appreciation and other activities. Participating in the performances during the Student’s Day is also an essential part of promoting sign language.

Besides teaching and performance, the association works with public welfare organizations to offer help for hearing-impaired people, especially young children. They regularly visit Sullivan Rehabilitation Center and Beijing Qi Yin Experimental School, communicate with children there and donate books. These activities provide hearing-impaired children with practical help, and also allow association members to experience lives in a silent world.

Since established in 2006, Tsinghua Sign Language Association has been through 11 years. “This is where we devote to help and share our mutual dream - to promote equal communication between the deaf and the general public," association leader Baoky Kingyang Huang said. Looking forward, he expects even more students to join them, learning and advocating sign language.



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