Spring Comes to Tsinghua Garden

A March in spring is the most beautiful season in Tsinghua. Aromas from peach blossoms and the colors from flowers all point to one thing: Spring is in the air!

Spring in Tsinghua is the time when flowers bloom. The pear flowers at Zhaolan Compound, the peach blossoms at Lover’s Slope, the magnolias in front of Xinzhai Building, and the plum tree along Xuetang Road…all the red, pink, yellow and white flowers sways gently in the wind in a manner as if to say that this sight is too splendid to behold.

Tsinghua’s spring is a colourful tapestry. The white marbles of the School Gate, the red bricks from the main Auditorium, the green lawn that sits in front of it and the clear blue sky provides everyone with a dazzling sight. Close your eyes and listen to the bells from the bikes, the chattering of the birds and the laughter of the students. Do you not feel the arrival of spring?

The most beautiful Tsinghua garden in spring is Shui Mu Tsinghua (SMTH).  Shui Mu Tsinghua not only reflects the Lotus Pond and the Tsinghua Garden but is also a line from the poem “The tour around the Western Pond” by Xie Hun, a poet from the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The jade forest surrounded by mountains and springs…the green willows…the exquisite pavilion: all a scene of elegance and tranquility. Such sights make everyone want to linger longer.

“The work for the year is best begun in spring.” Tsinghua is full of vigorous vitality. There are friends finding places within campus for a quiet afternoon. There are those reading and writing poems whilst taking in the sight of spring. Some venture out into the campus with their cameras to seek for the best shots. Whether it is at the Lover’s Slope or the Old buildings and gate, spring is everywhere. The willow trees along the little stream and the daily sunset draws everyone’s attention. We couldn’t help but exclaim “Oh! How delightful spring is!”

Some say that spring in Tsinghua is the symbol of that eternal youthful Tsinghua spirit. The campus is filled with the breeze that grace the coat of the young scholars. It is a breeze that once touched the ancient sages and now returns for a visit. It is also a reminder of that unchangeable youthful time and delightful scenery. With the passage of time, Tsinghua might have changed yet that young lively atmosphere will never leave our campus.

After a century, there is still much youthful vitality in Tsinghua. The light that shines during spring marks the best moment for some agreeable trip. Thus, what could be more pleasing than to enjoy the season with a friend or two?


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