Building a Green Campus: Tsinghua’s Electric Campus Bus

From winter to spring, many people saw Tsinghua’s campus bus went from creamy yellow to purple. It’s not just a color change. It’s Tsinghua’s newly introduced electric buses. As it races across the various campus locations, the purple bus adds a fresh atmosphere to the already stunning campus.

“Everyone loves the campus bus!” said Mr. Li, a driver of new electric campus bus. Compared to the old bus that makes a lot of noise and creates exhaust fumes, the new electric campus bus has been widely praised by both teachers and students for its aesthetics, low-energy consumption and for being a low pollutant.

The appearance of the new campus bus uses the color of Tsinghua- purple. Air-conditioned with 19 hard plastic seats and the battery as its energy source, consumption is one-fourth of the original gasoline vehicle. It does not contribute to air and noise pollution. There are a total of 22 new campus buses with 10 being currently in use. According to Mr. Tang Baibing who acts as the chief of the campus bus team, the route remains the same. They go from both directions and there is a 20-minute waiting period. During the holidays, the route will take visitors around the major attractions within the Tsinghua Campus.

So far, Tsinghua has seen three generations of campus buses. In 2000, Tsinghua introduced its first electric bus and was ahead of all other national universities. However, back then, things proved to be a bit difficult since energy consumption was high and battery life was low. The plan to have electric buses did not last long and was later put to halt. In 2005, Tsinghua welcomed the diesel powered buses and in 2006, greater numbers were used. Routes around the campus were set up along with arrival and departure times. In April 2015, the third generation of electric buses came to Tsinghua. There were two to start off the trial and by the first week of the Winter break in 2016, more evening buses were set up and the Main Gate became one of the drop-off points which brought on much conveniences for the students and faculty members. Right before the 105th Anniversary Celebration, new electric buses were put into use.

This introduction of new electric campus buses is to help Tsinghua to “Go Green, Stay Green and be a Green Campus.” Such transportation has been greatly promoted and encouraged. Mr. Tang Baibing felt that such promotion is great in “saving energy and protecting the environment.” It greatly facilitates campus security. “We hope that teachers, students and all visitors can choose public transportations over motor vehicles!”


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