Tsinghua University Trade Union awarded “National Model Red Flag Unit”

On the eve of May Day, All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) bestowed the title of “National Model Red Flag Unit” on 30 units, including Tsinghua University Trade Union. These 30 units were selected out of 2.72 million grass-root trade unions. Meanwhile, the Research and Conservation Center for Excavated Texts at Tsinghua University was awarded the honor title of “National Workers Pioneer”.

Tsinghua University Trade Union was established on the 13th of February, 1950. There are more than 10,000 members and 63 divisions. As a representative for the interests of a majority of grassroots trade unions, during the 60 years since its foundation, it has always been the connection between the Communist Party and the masses, and has been helpful in communicating the Party’s principles and policies to the people and made initiatives to serve the people wholeheartedly, by aiming to its goal of serving the people and carrying out its functions of “maintenance, construction, education and participation”. Staff members worked tirelessly to continuously improve competency and services of the Trade Union to keep well developed, stable and innovative.

In 1986, Tsinghua University established the “teachers congress”. Meetings are held twice a year. Policy development, decision-making and institutional construction closely related to the interests of the staff from children attending school to housing distributions to campus transportation and pension policies all had to go through the deliberations from the teachers congress. For 30 years, Tsinghua’s teachers congress has been performing consistently and it is now still continuously making improvements to the system. It supervises the university’s operations and functions, in a democratic manner.

Meanwhile, to assist the core functionality of “teaching and cultivating talents” of Tsinghua University, the Trade Union pays great attention to looking after everyday life for the staff members and helping anyone in need. The Trade Union organizes young teachers to participate in teaching skill competitions, selects and recommends the outstanding ones to higher level competitions of the Beijing municipality and the state. Some of the excellent teachers will be sponsored to have opportunities of studying in workshops abroad. Every year, the Trade Union also organizes administrators and newly recruited young teachers to visit major national construction projects and old revolutionary base areas. Some other activities are also designed and organized for poverty reduction, voluntary education assistance as well as cultural and sporting activities. In the Trade Union, there are nearly 30 associations from singing to poetry to flower arrangements to basketball teams. There are regular events for each of these associations and they are all largely supported by the union committee whether in props or in equipment. Every year on the Women’s Day, Children’s Day and other special celebrations, events are also held. Moreover, the Trade Union cares for the retired teachers and workers of the university, by visiting them regularly and purchase special insurances for them.

As Mr. Wang Yan, the chairman of Tsinghua University Trade Union, said: “The members of the universities’ trade unions are mostly senior intellectuals, therefore scientific and democratic decision making process is quite important, which needs a good performance of the trade union for solidarity among the members.” Tsinghua University Trade Union will further promote a people-oriented working attitude, and try the best to contribute to the goal of constructing Tsinghua University to be a world-class university.


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