The spring in Tsinghua

Spring arrives early in Tsinghua. There’s always more sun and once the grass appears from the melted snow, we know that Spring has quietly made her mark. It will take a short while until the flowers dance around the Campus and offer all passers-by a splendid sight.

- Mr. Ji Xianlin (1934 Tsinghua Alumnus)

If Spring in March is not yet so evident in Tsinghua campus then wait until April. Once April is here, Spring is everywhere - lively, energetic and inescapable. Wherever you go, you will find yourself surrounded by the sights and sounds of Spring.

From a quiet sleep to an eventual awakening, Spring in Tsinghua campus is cool and beautiful. Its strong vivid colors and overall atmosphere adds unique charm to the whole campus. Now, is the best time for Spring Outings.

It is the season where colors are added across the campus. Even the best artists couldn’t capture the colors from the bright yellow forsythia, the white magnolia and the pink peach blossom. Early morning, you feel the gentle breeze and the air smells of fresh grass. You look around and see flowers. You can hear the birds singing and you can watch the butterflies and bees drifting from flower to flower.

The smell of Spring is soft and pleasant. Many linger and enjoy the tranquility that this season offers. Everyone has his or her own way of enjoying Spring. If you happen to capture images of people running in the playground, reading under a tree or the flowers swaying against the breeze then you will feel that Spring is even more stunning.

Tsinghua’s Spring is an intoxicating beauty. In this wonderful landscape, a youthful energy marches forward.


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