Mochtar Riady Library

Library is an important asset towards a university’s teaching and research. Since the early stages from a tiny library to today’s comprehensive and professional libraries covering liberal arts, business administration, law, architecture, arts and finance, Tsinghua University has improved its ability to provide all-round information service, books borrowing service, literature research etc. At the beginning of 2016, another library, towards the north of the Tsinghua University Library, was officially completed; students jokingly said it finally “joined into the luxury group of the central library.”

The new building has been titled as “Mochtar Riady Library, Tsinghua University”, whose foundation stone was laid in the April of 2011, while the building project started in December of 2013. The primary investment towards the library came from Mr. Mochtar Riady (Li Wenzheng in Chinese), a famous Chinese Indonesian financier, the founder and chairman of Lippo Group. Professor Guan Zhaoye, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, conducted the design for the Mochtar Riady Library. He instilled thoughtful considerations towards the way in which to protect the environment of cultural relics. He combined the roof with a flat slope, while the exterior walls were made of bricks. The size and height of the new library didn’t exceed the current library, while the new library certainly integrated an overall style into architectural environment.

The newly-built Mochtar Riady Library is predicted to collect more than 1.2 million books, provide over 800 reading seats, while being more convenient and providing various services. The Mochtar Riady Library is a part of the Tsinghua University Library, in conjunction with the original 3rd phase project, it formed a comprehensive, rich, functional, modern and world-class library system. We believe it will offer a warm and an attractive environment for all the students and teachers and boost the further development in education, research, and communication at Tsinghua University’s Library.


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