Academic Rising Star Wu Chenshu: the “person in destiny” in academic research

Note: “Academic Rising Stars” is a Tsinghua-branded contest that began in 1996 and has been one of the most influential historic academic activities of Tsinghua. This year is the 20th anniversary of the contest, while over the past 20 years; groups of students that achieved outstanding results in academic research have won the contest. Batches of high quality, innovative, creative and influential new faces in school are selected as models for all the graduate students, encouraging them to take root in academic innovation and become pioneers. It also encourages them to take the leading role, go beyond the previous generations, and attain achievements that can lead the development of science and technology.

Meanwhile, this event conveys an idea to every graduate student, no matter how inadequate your background is, it is never too late to “start now”. “Academic Rising Stars” Contest is not really emphasizing on how promising these research results are, but instead it tries to inspire each and every graduate student to perseveringly pursue their own dreams.

“Having a tolerance for solitude” is the most common impression towards researchers, but it seems to have another meaning in the eyes of Wu Chenshu, one of Tsinghua University’s 20th “Academic Rising Stars” winners. “Having a tolerance for solitude reflects a person’s personality. For example, some people can bear noise or some people can become resigned to monotony. Conducting scientific research requires the attribute of bearing solitude, but if or not they really feel lonely is hard to tell, because it stands for a different meaning for different people”, said Wu.

As far as Wu Chenshu is concerned, the monotonous and dull scientific research doesn’t signify “solitude”, on the contrary, he enjoys the process of conducting research because it gives him a constant motive and happiness upon harvesting achievement. He said: “Scientific research is creating something from nothing, just like parents cultivate their children. They in fact enjoy the growth process of children, so do I with my research, this is exactly the reason why scientific research attracts me tremendously.”

Wu Chenshu was admitted to Tsinghua in 2006 and he was got to study doctorate in 2010. During his doctorate career, he published more than 20 conference and journal papers, he also published more than 10 Class A conference papers and SCI-indexed journal papers which have been recognized by the China Computer Federation. In addition, he has applied for more than 10 authorizations and patents of invention. His scientific research achievements received extensive attention. Wu Chenshu said: “Failure is very common and inevitable on the road of scientific research, while success is merely accidental. Luck invariably plays a key role during scientific research; and only good timing, geographical convenience and positive human relations can ensure good results.

Wu Chenshu is very lively and optimistic, he not only engages in scientific research, but also serves as the student counselor of the 2010 class at School of Software, which reflects that he is a member of the “double responsibilities”. He said, “I hope to help younger students in Tsinghua perfect themselves.” Over the past four years, his classes’ won nearly each collective honor granted by the Beijing authorities and Tsinghua University. He also loves to share his scientific perceptions and ideas with other students, when seeing them stay up late and study diligently, he is deeply encouraged, “Many of them set me as an example, and therefore I must work hard and become better.”

Wu Chenshu believes that he has gone through three stages in scientific research: “First, I enjoy the happiness in conducting the work; I put my heart and soul into it without thinking of any results.” He joked and said that this period was sort of like trying to date a girl; Second, he makes achievements in scientific research, but here he gets confused, faltered and hesitant; Third, he doesn’t think about these uncertain factors, he just does what he needs to do earnestly while being down to earth. “Everyone who do scientific research will go through intermittent pain, which may last for a long time, on the other hand, it may make you feel more decisive and firm about your future”, said Wu, who has already graduated and received his doctorate degree. He firmly believed that “academic symposium is what I will do for the rest of my life”.


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