Major Snow, the 21st Solar Term of the Year

The Major Snow is the 21st term of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. It refers to winter and a period when the weather gets even colder than that in Minor Snow.

In the dead of winter, the wind is always there…chasing and following us wherever we go. It sure reminds us of how cold it is. The last few leaves that lie motionless on the ground and that last flock of birds are perhaps the last sight that we have of autumn. However, we all know that after a few months, spring will greet us all.

People say that when it snows, Beijing becomes Peking. Everyone looks forward to the first snow in Tsinghua when every corner and inch of the campus is covered by a white blanket. An elegant atmosphere descends upon the lotus pond, the School Gate and all of the Tsinghua buildings. Despite being under this blanket of snow, there still lies a burning desire for knowledge, research and academic pursuits.

Tsinghua is tranquil after the snow. Simple and elegant, it reminds all of those distant memories. On a snowy night, two or three friends gather around the stove, drinking tea, reading and chatting about life. The snow outside reminds all that it’s time for the final exam and as they look at the sight of their dear campus, nothing can quite beat this white serenity.

Major Snow is also a good time for “replenishing.” There is a saying that “winter is replenishing time so that one can remain energetic throughout spring.” Snow is also a gift from nature since it also marks the start of spring and all of its colors. If winter comes, can spring be far behind?



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