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US, UK, German, Swedish, Swiss Legal Experts Visit Tsinghua

In the middle of October 2014, Tsinghua Law School was fortunate to host distinguished legal professionals from the world’s top institutions. The law professors met to discuss developing academic exchanges and cooperation with Tsinghua Law School and shared their legal expertise with Tsinghua law students.

On October 14-15, 2014, Johan Gernandt, former chairman of Sweden’s Stockholm Arbitration Commission, visited Tsinghua Law School. Tsinghua Vice Dean and Professor Shen Weixing and School Party Committee Deputy Secretary Liao Ying warmly greeted Mr. Gernandt. Professor Shen Weixing introduced the developmental history of Tsinghua Law School and the successful establishment of the law school’s numerous international programs and institutes then discussed with the distinguished guest about the possibilities of international arbitration project cooperation. Johan Gernandt said he was very happy to hear about the achievements of Tsinghua Law School and is looking forward to future collaboration.

On October 14, 2014, Professor Keith Hawkina of Oxford University Oriel College visited Tsinghua Law School. Tsinghua Law School Vice Dean and Professor Shen Weixing held a wide-ranging conversation with Professor Hawkins. Professor Hawkins introduced in detail Oxford’s college system and its multi-faceted models of education. Both representatives of the two world-renowned universities reviewed the process of developing an Oxford Summer Institute between Tsinghua Law School and Oxford. Also, both sides exchanged ideas about future cooperative endeavors. Afterwards, Tsinghua Law School Associate Professor Tang Xin, Deputy Director of Tsinghua Law School’s Center for International Legal Education, hosted Professor Hawkins in the Mingli building moot courtroom, where the Oxford professor presented to Tsinghua Law School students a detailed development history of the Common System from the jurisprudence point of view and followed with a Q&A session with students. Professor Hawkins spoke highly of the Tsinghua law students’ excellent academic literacy and expressed high hopes for increased collaboration between Oxford and Tsinghua Law School in the future.

On October 15, 2014, St. John University Law School Assistant Dean Mr. Jeffery Walker and Larry Xu visited Tsinghua Law School. Tsinghua Law Vice Dean Professor Shen Weixing met with the guests from the prestigious law school located in America’s New York City and expressed a warm welcome to them both. At the meeting, both Tsinghua Law School and St. John University came to an agreement on student exchanges and held a signing ceremony. St. John’s Assistant Dean Walker said that the exchange agreement laid a solid foundation for the two law schools’ collaboration and expectation for more multi-level cooperation in the future.


On October 16, 2014, Mr. Christian Bovet, Professor and Dean Emeritus of the University of Geneva Faculty of Law, visited Tsinghua Law School. Tsinghua Law School Vice Dean and Professor Shen Weixing and School Party Committee Deputy Secretary Liao Ying held a friendly talk with Professor Bovet. The discussion focused on the development of Tsinghua Law School’s International Arbitration and Dispute Settlement program, and explored the possibilities between the two schools with a focus on international dispute settlement to cooperatively enhance their programs. Afterwards, Mr. Christian Bovet presented a lecture “Competition Law in International Arbitrations in Switzerland” to a crowded fourth floor meeting room full of students. During the lecture hosted by Tsinghua Law Professor Chen Weizuo, Mr. Christian Bovet presented an introduction and analysis of Swiss Competition Law reform. The reform is focused on curbing abuses by dominant market positioned entities and control the concentration of business operators as well as the investigation of suspected monopolistic behavior from the view of European Union Law. More than 40 undergraduate and postgraduate students of Tsinghua Law School attended the lecture and ardently interacted with Mr. Christian Bovet during the Q&A session following the lecture.

Professor Christian Bovet is a Professor and Dean Emeritus of the University of Geneva Faculty of Law and concurrently holds many professional posts, including Vice Chairman of Swiss Federal Communications Committee, Chairman of Swiss Competition Law Association, Chairman of the Competition Law Committee of Swiss Lawyer Association, and Chairman of the Academic Committee of the League of International Competition Law.

During October 8-13, 2014, University of Freiburg (Germany) Professor Uwe Blaurock, also the Chairman of the Sino-German Law Association, presented a series of lectures titled “The Course of German Tort Law” to Tsinghua Law School students. Professor Blaurock talked about the types of rights and duties in the German Tort Law and elaborated on the differences between Germany’s Tort Law and China’s Tort Law. During the lecture series, Tsinghua Law Vice Dean and Professor Shen Weixing and Professor Wang Hongliang met with Professor Blaurock and expressed immense gratitude to his thorough teaching.

On October 17, 2014, Duke University School of Law Associate Professor Zhang Taisu visited Tsinghua Law School. Tsinghua Law School Dean Wang Zhenmin and Vice Dean Shen Weixing met with Professor Zhang. The professors reviewed the cooperation history of the two universities and discussed new ways of collaborating in the future. Professor Zhang spoke highly of the excellent performance of Tsinghua University students at Duke University, one of America’s top universities. Following the meeting, Professor Zhang explained Duke Law’s LL.M program and J.D. program to the more than 30 Tsinghua Law School undergraduate and postgraduate students in attendance in the fourth floor meeting room. Director of Tsinghua Law School’s Foreign Affairs Office and Assistant Professor Liu Han led the information session. Professor Zhang elaborated on the characteristics of the LL.M and J.D programs at Duke Law, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, in the “The Research Triangle” region of the United States. Tsinghua Law students found Professor Zhang’s detailed answering of their questions very helpful, and were greatly appreciative of his informative presentation.