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3rd Tsinghua - UToronto Law Int’l Conference Held in Toronto

On October 16-17, 2014, the third Tsinghua - Toronto International Academic Conference was held at the University of Toronto, Canada. The theme of the conference was "Perspectives of International Law Research". More than 50 scholars from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States attended the conference.

The Tsinghua – Toronto International Academic Conference was launched by Tsinghua Law School and the University of Toronto Faculty of Law in 2012, since then the two prestigious law schools alternately hosts the conference each year. The purpose of the conference is to promote academic exchanges across the Pacific and to strengthen the cooperation between the two law schools.

Tsinghua Law School Dean Wang Zhenmin and the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Acting Dean Jutta Brunnee both presented opening speeches. In addition to the keynote speeches, the conference agenda set up different programs including international human rights law, history and theory of international law, international economic law, international health law, and international law: the power and politics. Tsinghua Law School’s Li Zhaojie, Tu Kai, and Gao Simin presented academic reports at the conference and discussed with international peers the related issues.

During Tsinghua Law School Dean and Professor Wang Zhenmin pointed out in his opening speech and closing speech at the end of the meeting that the construction of Rule of Law in China was at a great historical moment. The upcoming Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee meeting would dedicate comprehensive planning towards the construction of law. This is a precious opportunity for China to achieve peace and stability. Dean Wang predicted that Rule of Law will become China's new national governance keywords, and the implementation of the goal in China will make positive contributions to the peace and development of the world.

Bill Graham, an adjunct professor of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and former foreign minister and defense minister of Canada as well as the former leader of Canada's liberal party, delivered a speech at the closing dinner of the conference. He warmly welcomed the scholars from China and other countries, and happily recalled exchanges with China when he was at top government posts. He pointed out that since Canada nurtures a unique bilingual culture, Canadians easily empathize with the march of progress in other countries. He was looking forward to strengthening cooperation between Canada and China, and hoped that the two countries would continue to make important contributions towards the development of international law together.

Following the meeting, a delegation of Tsinghua Law School professors and the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Vice Dean Lee visited the Toronto Mount Pleasant Cemetery to pay their respects at the gravesite of the late Professor Betty Ho (He Meihuan, May Foon Ho), a cherished professor at Tsinghua Law School who had made great contributions to the progress of China's legal education. In addition to her work at Tsinghua Law School as a scholar and teacher, Professor Ho worked at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and Hong Kong University Faculty of Law as well as authoring many influential legal books. She gave selfless dedication to the law and devoted herself to the progress of Rule of Law, legal education, and the cause of human progress. Professor Betty Ho passed away in August 2010.

To learn more about former Tsinghua Law Professor Ho, please see a memoriam in the Tsinghua China Law Review: http://www.tsinghuachinalawreview.org/articles/0301_HoInMemoriam.htm