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Tsinghua Holds Int’l Forum on Climate Change and Energy Law

On September 3-4, 2014, Tsinghua Law School hosted an international symposium on Climate Change and Energy Law: Practice and Development in Asia at the Wenjin International Hotel in Beijing. The forum was organized by Tsinghua Law School, Tsinghua University’s Research Center for Environment Law, and Germany’s Adenauer Foundation,. Nearly 60 scholars from 10 countries and regions attended the conference and discussed cooperation and developments on climate change and the rule of law focused on energy issues.

During the opening ceremony, Vice Dean of Tsinghua Law School Shen Weixing and the Director of the Adenauer Foundation of Germany Judge Marc Spitzkatz delivered speeches warmly welcoming the symposium participants. Vice Dean Shen Weixing reviewed the history of Tsinghua Law School and the development of Environmental Resource Law. He expressed his good wishes for the successful holding of the conference. Then Judge Marc Spitzkatz gave a lecture and expressed his wishes that the conference would promote the development of the rule of law regarding climate change in the Asia-Pacific region. Many renowned scholars attended the conference, including Director of METRO Research Center of Dutch Maastricht Law School Michael Faure, Nagoya University Graduate School of the Environment Professor Yukari Takamura, Osaka University Graduate School Professor Noriko Okubo, Thailand National Executive Committee on Climate Change Director Ms Sriratana Malaysia, the Director of Malaysia Environmental and Climate Change Committee Mr Roger Chan, Director of the Legal Action Committee of India's Forest Environment (LIFE) Mr Ritwick Dutt, Senior Advisor for Indonesian Justice and Environmental Governance Laode Syarif , Executive Director of Food Safety Department in Philippines Ms Estrella Flores Catarata, Philippines Cebu University Law School Professor and Chief Executive of the Philippines environment foundation Ms Rose - Liza Eisma Osorio, Taiwan Hsinchu Tsinghua Law School Assistant Professor Gao Zhiming, Chief Legal Adviser for Mergers and Acquisitions of Siemens LLC in Asia and Australia Dr. Zhang Libin, Research Center for Environment Law of Tsinghua University Director Dr. Wang Mingyuan, Tsinghua University Associate Professor Dr. Zhang Xinjun, Tsinghua University Research Center for Environment Law of Tsinghua University Vice Director Dr. Deng Haifeng, Dr. Zhu Xiao of Renmin University Law School, Dr. Wang Shekun of Peking University Law School, Yang Xiaofeng of Chinese Petroleum University, and from Research Center for Environment Law of Tsinghua University Dr. Zhang Zhenwei and Dr. Cao Wei.

During the two days’ discussion, the scholars exchanged ideas about the core issue of climate change and energy law. All the professors developed a consensus about cooperation in the field of climate change and the development of energy in Asia-Pacific region.