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Associate Dean Cui Guobin attended the 7th Deans’ Meeting of “Campus Asia”

From March 3rd to 5th, 2017, Associate Dean Cui Guobin attended the 7th Deans’ meeting of “Campus Asia” in Japan and signed the Second Cooperation Agreement on the “Campus Asia” program by 2021, together with other deans or the delegates of deans presented at the meeting.“Campus Asia”, sponsored by the government of China, South Korea and Japan in 2011, aims to promote the communication and cooperation of higher education among East Asian countries.

During the meeting, Professor Cui Guobin has also attended the fourth Student Forum of “Campus Asia” and the first Career Development seminar.

Professor Cui Guobin focuses mainly on Intellectual Property Law, Competition law and Civil Law. He is the executive director of Tsinghua University-Microsoft Joint Research Center for Innovation and Intellectual Property, director of International Intellectual Property Law Program at Tsinghua Law School.