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Associate Dean William Alford of Harvard Law School visited Tsinghua Law School

On27th, February, 2017, Professor William Alford , Associate Dean of the Harvard Law School, visited Tsinghua Law School. Professor Shen Weixing, Dean of the Tsinghua Law School, extended a warm welcome to his visiting. The two deans reviewed the history of friendship between the two schools, exchanged views on the latest academic trends and discussed the further cooperation. Professor Wang Chenguang, the former dean of the Tsinghua Law School, Professor Cui Guobin, associate dean of the Tsinghua Law School and professor Nie Xin also participated in the meeting.

During Professor William Alford’s visit at Tsinghua, he and Tsinghua law faculty members shared their research results on several issues: the reform of curriculum system in American law schools, the transforming functionality of law schools, the influence on legal education from the election of President Donald Trump, the market of legal service and the employment of law-school students, and the new challenges and trends of the cooperation between Chinese and American law schools, etc.

Professor William Alford is Henry L. Stimson Professor of Law, Vice Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies, Director of East Asian Legal Studies Program, at Harvard Law School. His areas of interest include Comparative and Foreign Law,Disability Law and International Trade Law. He is an expert on  Chinese law and legal history.