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The University of Toronto Faculty of Law Visits Tsinghua Law School

On November 8, 2016, Professor Edward Iacobucci, Dean of the Toronto Law Faculty visited the Tsinghua Law School. He was met by Prof. Shen Weixing, Dean of the Tsinghua Law School, and Prof. Cui Guobin, Associate Dean of the Tsinghua Law School.

Both sides reviewed the friendly history between two schools, and exchanged views on the future prospects of an exchange program, double degree program and visiting professor program. Moreover, they discussed the detailed rules about the Gallant and Betty Ho University of Toronto-Tsinghua University Fellowship.

Professor Edward Iacobucci was a visiting professor at New York University Law School in 2007, a visiting professor at University of Chicago Law School in 2003, and a John M. Olin Visiting Fellow at Columbia University Law School in 2002. He began his career at the Faculty of Law at Toronto University in 1998. His areas of interest include corporate law, competition law, and law and economics. He was the recipient of the first Mewett Award for Excellence in Teaching at Faculty of Law in 2000, and was a joint winner, with his co-authors, of the 2002-03 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize in Canadian economic policy for The Law and Economics of Canadian Competition Policy.