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Vice -President Yang Bin meets with the Provost of Temple University

On October 28, 2016, Professor Yang Bin, Vice President of Tsinghua University met with Professor Joanne Epps, Executive President and Provost of Temple University, Professor Gregory N. Mandel, Dean of the Temple Law School, Professor Louis Thompson, Dean’s Assistant, and Professor John Smagula, Director of Tsinghua-Temple LLM Program. Professor Shen Weixing, Dean of the Tsinghua Law School, Dong Yuan, Director of the Graduate School Training Office, Liao Ying, Associate Director of International Education Office, also attended the meeting.

Professor Yang Bin spoke about “the Belt and Road Initiative.” He introduced a plan to broaden the Tsinghua Law School’s international vision and create a strong international legal education program in the coming years. Professor Epps reviewed the long history of cooperation between Temple and Tsinghua, and spoke about arrangements for further cooperation.

The Temple delegation attended the 2016 Tsinghua-Temple LLM Program graduation ceremony. The LLM Program is the only legal education cooperation program approved by Chinese Ministry of Education, which can award an American degree in China. It has trained nearly 600 graduates since it was opened in 2001. Most of graduates become judges, prosecutors, and lawyers. At the meeting, the participants exchanged views about further cooperation and mutual recognition of credit.