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Three Tsinghua Law Professors won the 4th “Dong Biwu Achievement Award for Young Jurists”

 On October 25, 2016, China Law Society announced the winners of the 4th “Dong Biwu Achievement Award for Young Jurists”. Three Tsinghua Law School professors were awarded the prize. Professor Ren Zhong’s thesis “On False Lawsuit: On the Basis of the Practices of Abatement of Action by the Third Party” won the second prize. Professor Nie Xin’s thesis “The Constitutionalization of Property Rights & the Early Society-Centered Legislation in China” won the third prize. Professor Cheng Xiao’s monograph Tort Law (second edition) was nominated.

The“Dong Biwu Achievement Award for Young Jurists” was founded by the China Law Society. The aim is to encourage young scholars to inherit and develop the Dong Biwu’s legal thought, engage in research and practice of “socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics,” and then promote innovation and the perfection of the growth of the legal talent mechanism.