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Professor Leo KoGuan Gave the Keynote Speech at China Institute of Legal History Annual Academic Conference

August 14th-17th 2015(4712XY), Prof. LeoKoGuan, Honorary Trustee of Tsinghua University and Director of Tsinghua Law School KoGuan Chinese Rule of Law and Principle Studies Center, was invited to give the keynote speech on “Xuan Yuan Calling: A Draft for Chinese Consensus 4712XY” at the China Institute of Legal History 2015 Annual Academic Conference &the International Symposium on “Traditional legal cultureand Modern Rule of LawCulture” in Shenyang. It was hosted by China Institute of Legal History, organized by Shenyang Normal University School of Law and co-organized by KoGuan Chinese Rule of Law and Principle Studies Center,Tsinghua University School of Law.

Prof. Leo incorporated equations and numbers into the 00 poem (KQID engine) that precisely computed the creation and distribution of our Universe and Existence and composed Xuan Yuan Calling poem (Xuan Yuan Anti-entropic Operating System 2.0).The two poems expressed his theory in a nutshell in one bookmark.He was the first personrejuvenated Xuan Yuan 2.0 powered by the Chinese Engine with scientific equations that produce detailed numbers to explain and predict things that cannot be explained and predicted by the existing Newtonian engine, Einstein Relativity, the Grand Unified Theory (GUT)and the Standard ModelCosmology. The KQID engine computesin aspecific and detailed waywith equations and numbers that are verifiableand falsifiable.He succinctlyiterated that the Xuan Yuan 2.0 is the rule of Dao, which isthe best of all possible rules that unifies Humanity with Science based on Seeking Truth from Facts and the unity of names and forms.

In his speech, Prof. Leo repeatedly emphasized the importance and necessity of the Chinese Engine—Xuan Yuan Dao.He interpreted this Xuan Yuan Dao as love, which could be translated into an operating system: Giving first Taking laterprinciple as ourAncestor Qbit (00, +, -).He pointed out that today we only have three engines options with their respective operating systems: 1) the THESIS, Biological engine or human or animal muscles that powered Xuan Yuan 1.0 and Western operating system 1.0; 2)its ANTITHESIS, Powerful Newtonian engine that sprang out from its wonderful Western Operating System 2.0.Consequently, in order to OPTIMIZE the use of the Newtonian engine, one must operate it by using the Western Operating System 2.0. All users will be assimilated and converted into Westernizers with Chinese characteristics; 3) the SYNTHESIS, Xuan Yuan Anti-entropic Operating System 2.0 powered by KQID engine (Xuan YuanDao) to enable the Chinese to retain and improve upon their “Chineseness” and guarantee the Chinese will survive and prosper here and forever on earth and in our universe.Hestated that KQID engine is the Chinese engine derived from Xuan Yuan rule of Dao to power the refreshed, rebooted, reinvigorated and rejuvenated Chinese culture and civilization to fulfill Xuan Yuan-Xi’s Dream to bring about Xuan Yuan Da Tong to all mankind in which each shall enjoy free education, free health care and free material wealth for life and each shall be free to find, pursue and achieve his/her dreams and aspirations.

To conclude his keynote speech, Prof. Leo drafted three resolutionsto reach the Chinese consensus:

·  We shall restore what was his and reestablish the international Xuan Yuan Era within Gregorian Calendar, marking it out for Chinese historical continuity as well as international cooperation. For example, today is August15th, 4712XY (2015AD), and thus we still use the Gregorian Calendar plus the inserted Xuan Yuan era sandwiched in the middle to honor the selfless contribution of our Ancestor Founder Xuan Yuan and his Co-founders, who loved us and founded MODERN Culture-State China in 1XY (2697BC); For any event before Xuan Yuan’s reign in 1XY, we just put in Before Xuan Yuan (BXY);

·  We shall acknowledge and recognize Xuan Yuan is the Father of all Chinese on Earth and in our Universe; therefore we shall establish Father’s Day as a national holiday on Chinese lunar calendar March 3rd in honor of Xuan Yuan’s birthday;

· We shallacknowledge and recognize Leizu is the Mother of all Chinese on Earth and in our Universe; therefore we shall establish Mother’s Dayas a national holiday on Chinese lunar calendar June 6th celebrating Leizu’s marriage with Xuan Yuan and honoring her creation and distribution of Chinese silk civilization.

After his keynote speech,Prof. Leo and President Wu Yuzhangpresided over the seminar to elaborate on the ontology of the “Chineseness” of being Chinese. After full discussion, the participating scholars fully recognized Prof. Leo’s scholarly works and achieved preliminary consensus that from rule of Dao come rule of law and rule of virtues as the authentic Chinese jurisprudence.

For full text of Prof. Leo’s speech, please click: Prof. Leo KoGuan_Xuan Yuan Calling.pdf (Chinese+English)

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