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The 19th Commercial Law Lecture

Speech topic:Mole and goshawk's world: the second Chinese securities market series course

Guest speaker: Dr. Zha Song, he once held an office in the Bank of China risk control division and the Guotai Junan mergers and acquisitions department, and he once worked as Director General Manager of Investment bank department and general manager of the securities in Tibet. He has rich experience in the capital market, and he is general manager of Tibet Trust now.

By analyzing the global securities markets over the last 100 years, mainly the trend of the past three decades, he extended to how to analysis and treat economic and social phenomenon in the proper perspective.

Host: Tang Xin , deputy director of the Commercial Law Research Center of Tsinghua University

Organizer: Tsinghua University commercial law Research center

Time: April 18, 2012 (Wednesday ) night, 7:00-9:00

Location : the lecture hall on the first floor of Mingli building

You can brush the campus card to record attendance in this activity. All are welcome to join!