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Lecture 19 of Tsinghua Commercial Law Forum: Economic Analysis Perspective of Law

Time: April 18, 2012, Wed., 7 pm - 9 pm

Venue: Lecture Hall on the 1st floor of Mingli Building, Tsinghua Law School

Lecturer: Professor Xiong Bingyuan (Taiwan University Department of Economics)

Moderator: Dr. Tang Xin (Research Center for Commercial Law, School of Law Tsinghua University)

About the lecturer:

Xiong Bingyuan, born in Nantou, Taiwan in 1957 and from a family that was from Shangcheng, Henan, is a distinguished legal economist. He graduated from Taiwan University Department of Economics, got the Master's and Doctorate degrees in Brown University of USA, and has since been teaching in Taiwan University.

Professor Xiong used to be guest professor and senior research fellow at the Department of Economics and Finance of City University of Hong Kong, member on the board of directors of Feng Chia University of Taiwan and editor of Economic Annals. He is currently professor of Taiwan University, guest professor of City University of Hong Kong and adjunct professor of Xian Jiao Tong University. He specializes in legal economics and economic methodology. Besides academic essays, his publications include Stories of Lighthouse, Seeking the Ruler in the Heart, Everyone Is Standing, I Am a Physical Education Teacher, Moving Castle, Xiong Bingyuan Strolling in Law and the likes. These books, starting from basic principles of economics, make analyses of daily occurrences which involve social phenomena, political processes, law and ethics. The analyses reverse the conventional way of judging and handling daily life with experience and sense, and usher in an utterly fresh way of thinking and analysis framework. Reading these books can be of great assistance to better understanding the way society, politics, interpersonal interactions and economics run. Xiong is widely acknowledged as one of the four best known Chinese economists, the other three being Lin Xingzhi, Zhang Wuchang, and Huang Youguang.