A delegation led by President Chen Jining attended the 2013 Winter Davos World Economic Forum

On January 23 ~ 27, a delegation led by Tsinghua University President Chen Jining attended the 2013 Winter Davos World Economic Forum (WEF). During the forum, President Chen Jining attended Global University Leaders Forum (GULF). In addition, in order to broaden future educational cooperation and further boost the international competitiveness of Tsinghua, Tsinghua University also organized “Tsinghua University High-Level Round Table Conference”.

GULF was initiated and founded by Klaus Schwab, the founder of WEF. This forum is a part of Davos Forum and is held in Davos once a year. It aims to promote cooperation among world famous universities and discuss and develop global educational policies. At present, the forum is composed of 35 famous universities from nine countries. Tsinghua University is one of the initiators of the forum.

 “Tsinghua University High-Level Round Table Conference” was held smoothly on January 25 according to the local time. The theme is “Build Trust and Jointly Create the Future”. The purpose is to concentrate the forces of cross-regional leading figures and jointly draw the outline of China and even the world on the basis of trust. The conference invited about 20 political, business and academic leaders from different countries and regions, including former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Indonesian Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu, former Singaporean Foreign Minister George Yong-Boon Yeo, University of Chicago President Robert Schimmel, South Korean Sungjoo Group and MCM Group Chairman and CEO Kim Sung-Joo, China Merchants Bank Governor Ma Weihua, Thomson Reuters Global Growth and Operation Business President Shanker Ramamurthy and Japan Travel Bureau Foundation President Ryusuke Sasaki. They sat together and discussed how higher education in the age of globalization and informatization more effectively promotes talent cultivation and human progress and gave positive suggestions on how Tsinghua actively joined and promoted this development. The meeting was prepared under the joint assistance of Ms Lim Meiciinq and Mr. Enki Tan from Giti Tire Company Limited.

Li Daokui – Director of the Center for China in the World Economy, Tsinghua University, Yan Xuetong – President of the Institute of Modern International Relations, Wang Hui – Professor of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Zhang Yi – the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, and TUEF Deputy Secretary General were among the delegation.