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Message from the Chairman




In recent years, following the fast development of Chinese higher education cause, we have made great headway in all undertakings of the university. To promote connotative development of higher education, we need to continuously break through the bottlenecks restricting the reform and development of the high learning institutions. To our university, under the background of overall investment of the country in higher learning institutions, only by striving to widening resources channels and meanwhile doing well in “broadening sources”, “reducing expenditure” and raising benefit, can we carry out the advantage conversion strategy in a better way and provide powerful support for the reform and development of the university.

For a long time, the development of Tsinghua has received the care and support of enterprises, public institutions, people from all walks of life and alumni. The development suggestions and specific funds have effectively promoted the teaching research, talent introduction, external exchange, campus construction and social service and made positive contribution to the endeavor of developing Tsinghua into one of the best universities in the world. I hereby, on behalf of the Tsinghua University Education Foundation, express our most sincere gratitude to the friends from various social circles for your care and help.

2013 is the second year for the new centurial development of Tsinghua University and the first year of the third nine years for the creation of world-class university and also a critical year to promoting the development in the “12th Five-Year Plan” period. The school drove development by reform, accelerated development by innovation and made progress in various aspects, such as: talent cultivation, scientific research, social service and cultural inheritance and innovation. As China’s first university foundation established after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, TUEF made remarkable achievements in various aspects in 2013 by standards building and planned development.

Firstly, it strengthened self-development by accepting evaluation. As an “AAAAA” social organization” rated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, TUEF smoothly passed the annual evaluation of social organizations organized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and four national financial audits in 2013. Through accepting evaluation and promoting development by evaluation, the Foundation turns to become perfect in such aspects as fundraising, project management, assets management and team building.

Secondly, it formulated a development plan and developed a fundraising culture. In 2013, TUEF completed general election and established a new board of management and board of supervisors. The new work team formulated a development plan of TUEF based on the development plan of the university and the needs of reform and development, clarified “Go Global and Bring In”, actively put up a platform of communication with donors and tried to build a fundraising culture among all the people of the university.

Thirdly, it strengthened fund management to ensure steady income. In 2013, we received 1404 million yuan of donations from the society and spent 642 million yuan on projects, a record high. By effective management of the donation funds, we realized value maintenance and increase of the donation funds under the grim domestic and foreign financial situations and ensured steady increase of investment income.

Looking into the future, we earnestly hope people from all walks of life and alumni continue to support the development of Tsinghua. As a bridge between the donors and TsinghuaUniversity, we solemnly promise we will cherish every sum of donation, keep and use every cent well, reward the society and donors with satisfactory work results and make greater contributions to the development of scientific education in China!