Visiting/Guest Professors

Senior Visiting Professor

Li, Renchen (Former Deputy Editor-in-Chief, People's Daily)
Lu, Xiaohua (Director of Research, Xinhua News Agency)
Sun, Yusheng (Vice President, China Central Televsion)
Zhao, Qizheng (Former Minister of SCIO and Dean of Journalism at Renmin University)
Zhou, Xisheng (President,
Zhu, Yinghuang (Former Editor-in-Chief, China Daily)
Senior Fellow in Residence
Li Hairong Professor, Michigan State University, U.S.
JiaWenshan Senior Associate Professor,Chapman University,U.S.
Cao, Jingxing (Vice President and Head of Opinions, Phoenix Television News Network)
Distinguished International Fellow in Residence
Nailene Chou Wiest Former Journalist at Knight Ridder Newspaper U.S.A., Reuters and South China Morning Post.
Margaret Freaney International Media trainer, ICFJ
Lee Miller Editor-at-large, Bloomberg News
Rick Dunham Former Washington correspondent for Business Week
Senior Fellows in the Past
Ann M.Morrison Freelance Journalist for the New York Times, Financial Times, Time Magazine and the corporate governance magazine Corporate Board Member
Donald Morrison Freelance Journalist for the Time Magazine, The Financial Times, Corporate Board Member Magazine, The New York Times and CFO Manazine
Glenn Mott Managing Editor and Director of Publishing, Hearst Company
Gregory Fields Associate Professor, Florida International University
Robert Keatley (Former Editor for Asian and European Wall Street Journal, > Editor-in-Chief for South China Morning Post)
Thomas Berner (Fulbright Scholar, Professor at the Pennsylvania State University, US)
J. Clive Enos III (Fulbright Scholar, Professor at the Jackson State University, US)
Shimatsu, Yoichi (Former Editor, Japan Times and Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong)
Robert Dowling
Managing Editor-International, Assistant Managing Editor-Ethics, Training and Standards
Nancy Snow Associate Professor of Public Diplomacy, Newhouse School at Syracuse University
James Breiner James Breiner, International Center for Journalists