Zhao, Shuguang

BA (Anhui Normal) MA (Nanjing) PhD (Renmin)

Associate Professor of Advertising and Media Economics

[Research Interests]

Advertising, Media Economics


Media Economics, Advertising


Zhao was born in Anhui and studied his first degree in Anhui Normal University (1998) and then a Masters from Nanjing University (2001). He received a PhD focusing on management and economic issues in the media sectors from Renmin University in 2004. He has been publishing very widely in the area of media management including Media Economics, Hunan people Press, 2003; Media Capital Market, Hunan People press, 2003; Media Economics: Case Studies, Huaxia Press, 2004; Management Strategies for the Internet Media, Xinhua Press, 2002. He is the winner of several distinguished awards including the national award for best academic and professional article in journalism studies, and the best news piece of the year of Xinhua Daily in 1999. His recent research covering the Structuralism of Communications Development Strategies, Management Issues on the Classical Music Channel of CCTV; Producer-Model of Management within the CCTV and etc.