Zhang, Xiaoqin

BA MA (Shandong) PhD (Communication U of China)

Associate Professor of Television Studies

[Research Interests]

Reporting for Radio and Television; Television Presenter /Host; The Art of Television; Modes of Television Programming

[Teaching]Broadcasting Studies, Reporting for Broadcasting, Television Rhetoric


[Biography]After years of experience as editor for a liberal arts magazine and executive producer and presenter for several provincial and national television programs mainly in the legal and criminal related area, Dr Zhang has been well known among TV professionals. She is the winner of dozens of national awards by the CCP Central Publicity Department, Television Presenter Competition Committee, Chinese Association of Radio and Film Studies, and the National Golden Microphone Prize for the Best Television Presenters of the Year. She has also published several journal articles on television discourse and narrative techniques. Currently she is hosting a CCTV talk show entitled Psychology Interview.