Xiong, Chengyu 

BA (Jiangxi Normal) MA(CAA) PhD (BYU)

Chair Professor of Communication Studies

Director, Center for New Media Studies

Director, National Research Center for Cultural Industries

[Research Interests]

New Media, Cultural Industry, Media History, Communication Policy


Studies on New Media, Studies on Cultural Industries, History of Media Development, Cutting-Edge Lectures on Communication, Understanding Film


Professor Xiong joined Tsinghua after he received his PhD from the BYU in the US in early 1990. He was the deputy head of the communications department as well as the associate dean of research since the school is established in 2002. As the director of Center for New Media Studies, Professor Xiong has chaired the studies in this area not only in this university but also nationwide. He is also the Director of National Research Center for Cultural Industries as well as Board Member of the China International Culture and Exchange Center. He also sits in the board as vice chairman of the Ministry of Education's education and technology senior advisory committee. Professor Xiong is also the director of many state sponsored research projects including the 863-project supported schemes.

He has published very widely in the area of new media studies, media and society and public policy for the information and culture industry. Professor Xiong is the first professor in journalism and communication studies that was invited to give a lecture to the politburo members of the CCP's central committee. Professor Xiong has an elected place in the University's Academic Steering Committee in 2004.