Si, Jiuyue

BA(Hunan University) MA(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Professor of Journalism

Research Fellow and Executive Director, Tsinghua Center for International Communications Studies

[Research Interests]

Journalism, News Writing and Reporting


News Writing and Reporting, Advanced News Writing and Reporting


Si earned his MA in Journalism at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. His primary expertise is news reporting and writing, both in Chinese and English. As an international news reporter for Xinhua News Agency, he was posted in the U.S. for eight years to cover nearly everything, from White House to Hollywood, from Silicon Valley to the largest Marine boot camp. For the nine years working as an editor in Xinhua’s Beijing headquarters, he traveled to more than two dozens of countries in eastern and western Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa to cover major international news events. He led Xinhua’s reporting teams to cover Iraqi Crisis, International conferences and foreign visits of top Chinese leaders, including the President and the Premier. Si joined School of Journalism and Communication in November 2005. At present, Si is in charge of the English journalism program at the school and teaching advanced news writing and reporting both in Chinese and English. His publications include thousands of news stories in both Chinese and English, a dozen of papers on journalism and two translation works.

Professor Si has been a recipient of many news writing awards, including one National News Writing Award and three Best News Writing Awards from China Federation of Journalists.