Lei, Jianjun

BA(BNU) MA (BBI) PhD (Tsinghua U)

Professor of Documentary Film Study and Production

School of Journalism and Communication

Tsinghua University


[Research Interests]Documentary Film Study and Production, TV Production



Film and TV Production, Documentary Film Making


Dr. Lei earned his B.A. (1995) at Beijing Normal University, and M.A. (2001) at Beijing Broadcasting Institute, and Ph.D. (2007) at Tsinghua University. He has published Documentary: the Sense System of Image (in Chinese, 2006, BNU Press, Beijing, China), The Interactive Video Media (in Chinese, 2007, Tsinghua U Press, Beijing, China). He has produced documentary film: The Graduates, The Year We Were Young, Si Chuan, The Non-named Lake, Play in the Dark,The Drum of Happiness. He has directed documentary film: Beijing 2008 which will screen in IDFA 2010.