Bai, Dan Administration Office (Secretary of Chinese Association for History of Journalism and Media Communication)
Li, Hongxia Administration Office (International Affairs, Reading Room)
Li, Xiaoping Registrar Office (Graduate Studies)
Liu ,Yingxin Laboratory (Technology Assistant and Webmaster)
Liang Peng Party Committee Office(Information and Career Advisory)
Ruan,Jiuli Registrar Office (Undergraduate Studies)
Tang, Yan Administration Office (Accountant)
Tao, Yun Administration Office (Administration and Logistics)
Wang, Qingzhu Laboratory (Technology and Webmaster)
Wang, Xiaoqin Administration Office (Employment and Research)
Xiao, Hongying Party Committee Office(Comprehensive Coordination, Party Commitee Affairs, Curating, Publicizing and Career Advisory)
Ma, Chengcheng Administration Office (International Students)