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Director: Prof. YANG Jian

Ph.D. in Tokyo Institute of Technology, expert in the Japan history of science, and the comparison of China and Japan's S&T studies, mentor of Tsinghua Univ. -Tokyo Institute of Technology joint training program.



Deputy Director: Prof. LI Zhengfeng

Experter in  S&T policy and strategy, participated in the policy making such as the “Science and Technology Progress Act” (Revision Drafting out Team Fellows), and the “National Mid-long term Science and Technology Development Programme (2006-2020)” (Drafting out Team Fellows), Vice President of Chinese Society of Strategy Studies, executive member of  Chinese Society of Studies in Science of Science and Policy of Science & Technology.


Deputy Director: Associate Prof. Lei Yi

Ph.D. in CASS Institute of Philosophy, expert in  ecophilosophy.


Former Director


   Director: Prof. WU Tong

   Deputy Director: Prof. LI Zhengfeng, Prof. YANG Jian

2003 - 2010

2000 - 2003

 1995 - 2000

1993 - 1995 

  •    Director: Prof. WEI Hongsen 

  •     Deputy Director: Prof. ZENG Xiaoxuan

May, 16th 1985 - 1993  

  •     Director: Prof. WEI Hongsen (of the STS research group) 

1978 - 1984                

  •     Deputy Director: Prof. GAO Dasheng (of the natural dialectics research group)