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Prof. Li Zhengfeng talked about China's scientific culture in "Guangming Daily"

Prof. Li Zhengfeng from our institute got interviewed by "Guangming Daily" on scientific culture in China recently. In the news release subtitled with "China Needs Self-confidence for Scientific Culture", it was said:

After the 16th and 17th century with the formation of the scientific society, scientific culture has gradually become a relatively independent social and cultural form. Although the analysis of the elements of scientific culture can be traced back to older era, but more systematic discussions about scientific culture have focused on the social history after the modern scientific revolution. The “Scientific Culture Translation” also reflected this feature. To understand scientific culture from the relationship between scientific culture and institution, it requires a more explicit goal to bring the scientific culture construction into the process of improving our modern scientific system.

In fact, the socialization toward knowledge is a common trend in the development of human civilization. Therefore, although the modern science and its culture were originated from Western Europe, but in fact it is a common wealth of mankind. After the modern scientific revolution, different countries and ethnic groups have made varying contributions to the progress of human knowledge and continuous exploration and improvement of the scientific system at different times. The development of scientific culture and the advancement of human knowledge were the common responsibility of all ethnic groups and countries. In this historical process, mutual learning is necessary, but more importantly, is how to make our own contribution in the process of learning.

Scientific culture is the soul of the system of the scientific society. To build our country as a world powerhouse of science and technology in the mid of the 21st century, the construction of scientific culture will play a very important role. In this respect, we need to enhance cultural self-confidence, which is not only reflected in the social identity of the past cultural contribution and value, but also in the integration of various high-quality cultural resources and creation of a new culture of confidence and determination. Although it is necessary to fully understand and inherit the scientific factors in the traditional culture and the historical contributions made to the scientific development of our country, it is necessary to think about how to make new achievements with important contributions to the world in the scientific development and its cultural construction. This should be one of the more important aspects of enhancing cultural self-confidence.

In other words, when we regard the career of science as the common wealth of mankind, our cultural self-confidence lies in such determination and confidence that through the construction of scientific culture we would constantly explore and improve the modern science system that reflects the law and characteristics of the contemporary scientific development, and also adapts to China’s national conditions, to make great contributions for the progress of all human knowledge.