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Our insititute in the Book

According to Stephen H Cutcliffe (2000)’s piece “Ideas, machines, and values: an introduction to science, technology, and society studies”, our institute is “[O]ne important center of Chinese STS studies”.

It was said, “The institute was established in the mid-l 980s in response to a recognition of the impact of new technologies on Chinese society. The institute has some dozen professors, several of whom have studied abroad in Europe and the United States, and it offers both undergraduate and graduate degree pro-grams. Approximately 500 undergraduates and 900 graduate students enroll in their courses each year. Among their offerings are standard his-tory, sociology, philosophy, and policy studies of science and technology. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on development strategies, systems engineering, and regional planning. The emphasis on these policy areas is also strongly reflected in their scholarly research, which is frequently focused both on theoretical strategies and models for science and technology policy and planning, and on practical case studies coordinated with city, regional, or provincial governmental commissions and agencies. The Tsinghua Institute of STS has played a constructive role in raising the level of scientific and technical decision making in local and regional governments, and it has received several awards and prizes for its efforts. Much of this experience finds its way back into classroom teaching, thereby insuring a problem-oriented and applied focus to even the more theoretical aspects of the curriculum.”