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Harvard Professor Ms. Susan Greenhalgh gave a talk on "The Obesity Science and Policy in China"

Prof. Susan Greenhalgh, John King and Wilma Cannon Fairbank Professor of Chinese Society, Professor of Anthropology, Social Anthropology Program, Harvard University visited our institute on Nov. 8, and gave a talk on the “The Obesity Science and Policy in China”. Dr. LIU Li hosted this event, faculties and students from both Tsinghua and other universities, as well as audiences from the industry and media came to attend.


In the lecture, Prof. Greenhalgh employed the discourse tradition proposed by M. Foucault and analyzed how the “fat talk” became dominant in the American society by means of the “scientific” measure BMI along with other actors like pharmaceutical companies. The “War on Obesity” she argued, became a very serious social problem in the U.S, where almost everyone is unhappy with his or her body. She also pointed out that, fat was traditionally regards as a symbol of fortune in China, but now it seems the Chinese people just came to the same way. The purpose of her field work here is just to find out the context of this transition.