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Tsinghua STS Group will attend the 4S 2013 Annual Meeting

The 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) 2013 Annual Meeting will be held in San Diego, California on October 9-12. Several faculties and students will attend this meeting, while Dr. Chadwick WANG and Ms. Han ZHANG will chair the "Data Management in STS" and "Science in Action" panel.

007. Scientific Communities and Work

The Boundary between or above University-Industry Relationship: How Can Incubator Successfully Run by University Professors? Chadwick Wang, Tsinghua University; Luhao Wang, Tsinghua University

030. Scientists in Action

The Relationship Between University Intellectual Property and Their Practice of Technology Transfer: A Case Study Based on Tsinghua University. Han Zhang, Tsinghua University (Chair of this panel)

037. Interdisciplinary

Institutional Idea as a Boundary Object: On Normalization of University Incubator in the Context of Entrepreneurial University. Luhao Wang, Tsinghua University; Chadwick Wang, Tsinghua University

090. Environment & Postcolonial State

Discussion of Interpretation Power of Scientific Discovery and Its Rent Seeking. Yiming Wang, Tsinghua University

208. Science Communication and Education

The Transfer of Tacit Knowledge: A Case Study from Changzhou Science Park in China. Wang Zengpeng, Tsinghua University; Wei Hong, Tsinghua University

Science Popularization and Coordinated Development of East-Central-West Regions. Qiufang Gao, Tsinghua University; Guo-ping Zeng, Tsinghua.University

238. Social Studies of Social Science: Global View

From "Innovation System" to "Innovation Ecosystem" ——Comparison of the United States and Japan. YouZhao Gou, Tsinghua University in China

262. Data Management and STS

Culture Codes for Innovative Countries: A Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis. Chadwick Wang, Tsinghua University (Chair of this panel)

265. Emerging STS Approaches in Studying ICTs

Emerging Hackerspaces in China. Siyan Xu, Tsinghua University